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Stay safe, wear a mask!

Face Coverings

On 20th July 2020 the wearing of face coverings in all shops became mandatory in Ireland due to Covid-19. It was already compulsory on all public transport. As a dental hygienist I am used to wearing masks for 7/8 hours a day but for a lot of people breathing in a mask can feel quite different and takes a bit of getting used to as well as your glasses fogging up! (try keeping your glasses warm it can help stop the fogging)

Face coverings can be disposable surgical masks, scarfs or masks made from washable material.

Here at The Hygienist we have tube scarfs and magic bandanas which are versatile, lightweight headwear that can be worn as a scarf and used as a mask when required, these can feel more comfortable and perhaps make breathing a little easier.

We have a variety of cotton three layer masks that also have a slot for a filter. There are sizes to fit children, boys, girls, ladies and gents.

The use of face coverings could be around for a while to protect ourselves from other people as well as protecting other people from us! Wearing something is better than nothing at all!

Be safe wear your mask!


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