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CordEze is an easy to use wristband which prevents the cord, cable or hose from dragging while you work. It is proven to reduce hand fatigue by 60%, clinically proven to eliminate cord pullback forces, allows for a lighter grip for those who use hand held corded or cabled instruments therefore improving ergonomics. CordEze Classic wristband comes with three different sized adapters fitting 4-12mm diameter cords. The wristband is adjustable for wrist or arm placement. CordEze products are heat tolerant and can be bagged in sterilisation pouches then autoclaved, they can also tolerate hospital grade disinfectants.

Includes: one (1) wristband and three (3) adapters

- fits 4-12mm diameter cords

- Sterilize or disinfect

- Adjustable sizing for the wrist/arm

CordEze Classic Set

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